Soleil Singh is a print and UX designer. She has recently graduated from RISD with a BFA in graphic design and currently working at NBA as a Graphic Design Intern.

Her special interests include sports entertainment, information architecture, campaign and poster design with integration into different avenues of activism. 

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Project ARCHive: Case Studies, 2020

Zines featuring case studies for architectural projects in the “global south”. This project aims to highlight the western canon of architectural teaching and introduce new—yet always existing prior to— projects as a foundation of architecture. 

Focal Point, 2021

Speculative project of the potential of technology in efforts to adhere to mental sustainability and combat information overload. This project is a way to consolidate large amounts of information on one platform whilegiving the user more excitement through the journey of discovering and learning new content.

RISD Fall Speaker Series, 2020

Poster and web ad design for RISD Graphic Design’s annual Fall Speaker Series. 

Taste Full, 2021
Phone, Desktop

Mobile application that allows users to purchase international food and snacks at ease while building a community with other shoppers and friends.

Paul Pogba: A Closer Look, 2020
8.5x11, 42 pages

A 42-page coffee table book that dives into the highlights of Paul Pogba’s football career at Juventus, Manchester United, and the France National team.