In an attempt to highlight the inequality in the representation of professional female and male athletes, I focused on deliverables through the material culture of sports ephemera. Some question I posed in order to tackle this issue are as follows:

What modes of historicization can I pull from?

Utilizing the hypermasculinity that accompanied the practice of collecting baseball cards, I wanted to historicize female athletes on the same level with steel cards for women in all courts of the game.

Vector files were created on Adobe Illustrator. I then sandblasted 16g steel and spray painted matte black before images were rastered onto the material with a laser cutter. 

*Further documentation will be uploaded soon!

How can I historicize professional female
athletes more publically?

Honing in on the idea of mass distribution, I began to answer the question of how these athletes could be seen and respected in the same light as males through the potential production of large and small scale objects.

I translated the back of the original design for the baseball cards as inspiration for sports arena banners.